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i forgot to take my sleeping pills and was up till 8am :o\ jag was online. so i was semi-amused, at least.

its funny. before i left washington he was telling me how he was sure that one of the girls he had fucked in the pas,t would be back within a month or so. even though he fucked up her relationship with some "dumb jock" while he was with me. well, apparently she mailed him. i am impressed, as well as amused. what is wrong with people. oh, and whats ever funnier is he says he mailed her back. julia? one of the people he swears he can not stand? hahaha. i can only imagine what he said to such a person "hi. come over and cuddle me, please. i think i might even be able to get it up for you these days. if not, you can always use brians dick again" hahaha. ah well. i wish i had a tv. maybe then, this wouldnt be so funny to me.

something i need to remember: *never* tell jag he would be in a better mood if went out and go some poon. you should have seen him flip out. he must have been on his rag or something, my god. or maybe hes gay? heh heh.

oh, and here is something i dont think ive mentioned. i weigh 135 pounds. freaky.

i cant believe i havent said anything about this, yet. i lost everything on my 30g hard drive. well, almost everything. mostly just mp3s and email i hadnt responded to (SORRY!!! I SAVED IT CAUSE I MEANT TO, EVENTUALLY) :o\
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