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this day

needs to be marked on my calendar for so many reasons.

i feel like the past few years have all been a weird dream. id really like to wake the fuck up already and thats saying a lot since i wish i could curl up in a ball and sleep forever.

i dont even know how i feel at this point. everything is just so strange. i dont know what is real anymore and im tired of trying to figure things out.

i think im sad, because i liked you. i suppose i still do, but i dont know think. i dont want to think anymore. i just want things to be normal again.

youll probably read this and think "ah well, fuck it", but youve really messed with a few of us. steve especially. i think you should at least say youre sorry to him. he has enough trust issues.

i dont know if youre coming back or what, but we will miss you. who ever that is. i msged you on icq. you should talk to me.

if the last time we spoke, is are last then i just want to say goodbye now. bye sarah. it was nice having you as a friend. good luck with everything.
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