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oops. guess i wont be getting my cpr card today, damnit. now i have some choices to make. i cooould go to school and finish homework/study blow time in the computer lab. stay here for a bit and finish homework/study blow time on the computer. hrm, well it would do me a lot of good to go there and get things done but since im already here and wrapped up in my blanket, i think ill just stay here.

dont know why but i just remembered that brad paypaled me some ridiculous amount of money ($0.28) last night... again. WHY DOES HE TEASE ME LIKE THIS??? :oP freak.

so im cell phone hunting. anyone care to tell me which service provider and/or phone they prefer?

oh, good news. maybe. i think i might be able to start working real soon. the only problem is: im gonna be in school at least 10 hours a day starting january. figures. so i guess itll be a while. in the mean time im becoming more and more in debit by the moment. which is always fun. heh.

so i have another question. did i just pay a nice chunk of money to the dmv for registration only to be registered a few months? some idiot told me (my mother) that it should be good for a year. so im thinking: 1. shes retarded (most likely the case) 2. dmv fucked up 3. it doesnt apply to me cause my car isnt brand new. i guess i could call but that would require me to get offline and sit on hold forever. i wonder if i could find out form their website... either im blind or the answer is "no, you cant".

something someone sent her a while back...
Saturns Girly: 3. any attention at all, positive or negative, will keep some guys coming back. The way to show a guy that you're not interested any more is to
simply not talk to him any more. Long chats, even negative ones, just offer

oh, boy. aint THAT the truth.
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