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M picked me up today. we drove all along sunset, and up and down the coast a bit. it was cooold out. im tired and my head is killing me, but i had a really good time. we saw some neato houses all decorated for christmas. and, and, and we watched crouching tiger hidden dragon at his place. thats a really good movie and i was a big girl who didnt shed a tear. go me. we didnt talk all that much. i just realized a was probably a tad too quiet (i apologize if youre reading this). anyhow, it was really cool seeing him again. its been a looong time. hes a doll. well have to get together again, sometime soon.

didnt do much else, today.

oh, i tracked mud/sand in to his house from the beach (good job, naomi). im sooo sorry about that :o\

guess i should sleep now. i hope my headache goes away soon.
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