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hi, honey. im home.

i think ive gotten over my fear of driving. woohoo. i drove pretty far today and didnt freak out. now i wanna go somewhere. hahaha. where should i go!$#!@#$!#@$! anyhow, you can count on me to spend a little over 100$ every time i leave the house, i swear. i didnt buy too much. i bought a blanket and a little stuffed reindeer. ill take a picture with my newest family member in a second. what else did i get. some food. if you wanna call it that. some booze. lots and lots of feminine products so i dont run out anytime soon. aaand... i think thats it. i didnt get much, but what i did get wasnt cheap. im all bent cause they didnt have what i went out there for. ah, well. it was nice when i went out but now its just dark and cold. i like when its raining or there are tons of houses with pretty lights on to drool at. i didnt seem many house with christmas lights on the way home :o\

me and my new lover.
my lover
damn, whats wrong with my eyes? also, dont mind the trash bags behind me. i havent unpacked anything.

these are my baby teeth.
baby teeth
with dried blood on them.
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