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"oh baby that felt so good i'm sorry you're drowning"


im up. ive been up for a while, though. why the hell do i wake up so damn early? it was cool, though. i woke up to a bunch of text msgs. i still get all happy when i see that i have msgs waiting.

ooo, my lover is back from the caribbean. yay. though, he was never really gone cause he had wireless internet there. talk about addicted, huh? hes gonna come visit in january... OR NOT. he just likes to tease me. fucker :oP

im huuuuuungry. why does it take sooo damn long to boil eggs?#@!?@#$!?

ive been trying to give my exroommate my cell number so he can just call me instread of chatting with me on aim, but hes never on. id call and leave a msg, but then all the freaks would hear it. if there is one thing those people are good it its remembering phone numbers. heh.

la la la. im bored.

i should do something productive today.

oh, ive been having strange dreams lately. last night i dreamt my friend was getting married to some chick because he got her knocked up, not because he loved her. i was sad.
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