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still not bleeding and its driving me insane. my body is sooo tender.

went food shopping, yesterday. mom didnt give me any money. i spent 30 something dollars. sucks.

took my test. failed, im sure. ended up having to run errands till test time so i didnt get to look the chapters over.

bored. nothing to do. i want to do something. just dont know what. even if i could figure it out, itd probably involve money, which i cant spend anyhow. oh well.

i need to start walking and going to the gym. ive got poor circulation in my legs from sitting on the floor.

i cant wait to have my own apartment so i can unpack my clothes, have a place to put my food, sit in a chair and take a bubble bath.

i guess i should take a shower today, huh?

i need gas.
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