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that sucked

went to home depot for my mom. spent like 2 hours there. had to go back a second time. on the way home i picked up burger king, so im starting to feel a bit better.

tom called. wants me to see his new place then go to a club/bar(?). hrm. stay home and possibly be in a crappy mood just like last night, or get drunk? guess ill hang with tommy.

didnt do shit yesterday. so now ive gotta finish up the cleaning/packing. guess ill put a movie on and listen to it while i do that. if it gets too distracting ill have to listen to mp3s, instead. wish i hadnt deleted all of my mp3s :o\

maybe ill dye my hair while i clean. something needs to be done. i should also cut it. hahaha. i think it was last week i went to the laugh factory with scott, his uncle, his cousin(?), johnny, and dan. when i was alone some dude asked me who did my hair and gave me his contact info. i told scott and he got all bent. ripped up the napkin and threw it away. what was the name of that salon again? hahaha. he was alright lookin if i remember correctly. oh well. im too poor to get my hair done, anyway.

i guess im not too ugly. guy seem to talk to me when i go out. even random chicks compliment me, sometimes. i should probably leave the house more often. compliments have been known to improve my mood. even if only for a few minutes.
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