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i think they like me... that probably creeps the hell out of scott.

i love brad, jag and my darling eliss cause hes in ++++++. jonathan cause he had sweet little crush on me ;o) "turtlehead" cause he loves me too. "darktrain" for always inviting me out and cause hes gonna take me for my birthday dinner, one of these days :o) corey and ann for being super nice to me. glen for feeding me, letting me sleep and not being psycho all the time :oP steve for being such the wonderful pervert that he is ;o) ;o) " maleficence" for standing me up at the alter :oP sammy for being a good husband. mr.g0sh and his monkeys for all their help. "sstar" and "angelfsh" for bein my hoes :o* ummm, i could probably go on for days, but ill stop here.

nap time!
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