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you should see my face.

youre not supposed to mess with your zits. i know youre not supposed to mess with your zits. why the hell do i keep messing with my zits. i need to stop looking in the mirror. there is always something wrong with what i see and then i go and make things worse on purpose. why i gotta be so self-destructive. over 10 years worth of scars and i still dont stop.

that place i ordered my camera from sucks ass. i ordered it on thursday night, and didnt receive a confirmation email. theyre on the east coast and close by the time i get home, and closed on the weekend, so i had to wait till today to call them. call them and they keep me on hold for and hour and a half, then sell me shit. first i thought, "no". then i thought, "maybe thats a good idea". then when i heard my new total thought, "no", again. then i thought, "hrmm. yeah, i guess. ok, fine". then went to the computer and checked out some price on ebay. then i thought, "oh shit, i better call them back and cancel that shit". called them back. they transferred me around for an hour, then told me i was stupid for wanting to remove items. then told me they couldnt do that. then threatened to cancel the order. "were not making much of a profit from you anyway". so i said "youre gonna cancel it right, now? its canceled, right?" and that was that. they said if i wanted to order the camera id have to call back. yeeeeeeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. so came home, and ordered from somewhere else. this time got a confirmation email n everything. lets hope i have less problems with these people.

then, then, then...

i spilt all of my matte adhesive. i was leaving it open so it would get thicker, and knocked the bottle right over :o\

so test/tfp shoot on thursday. should be fun.

i should sleep, but my face hurts too much.
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