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why am i posting so much lately

i didnt post for a week, and now feel like posting every few minutes. probably cause im bored. this thing is only here for my entertainment. pretty sad. getting rid of it would probably be a good idea, but id hate to say goodbye. what the hell would i do when i want to go off on a rant? and you all know how much i like to go on rants. maybe i should just post less, like once a month or when ever. though id probably forget i have it if i did that. i dont wanna leave it just sitting here, but im way tired. there are too many other things that need to be done, yet i sit here doing nothing. sitting here is bad. there were things i could have done when i got home, but here i am. been here for ~6 hours. thats, um, sick.

speaking of... i ate one rolo, and now i feel icky. i feel like i hate something foul, though i know i like rolos. it also feels like it burning a hole in my teeth. what the hell is this all about. ive never had a cavity before. i think im trippin.

oh yeah, gums dont bleed no mo. i was thinkin it may start up again, but it hasnt. guess all that psycho brushing with listerine, peroxide and what ever else i could think of that might kill whatever it was that was making my gums weak, worked. i should go get my teeth cleaned. its been a while. its probably just plaque build up. it dont see what else i could be. oh, yeah. not eating properly too, huh. oh well.

i think im gonna go clean up my mess of sticky stuff and craped wool, then go to bed.

i hope to get to school early. heh. yeah right.
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