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Payment Received

Name: J S (The sender of this payment is Unverified)
Email Address That Payment Was Sent to:
Gross Amount: 1.05
Estimated Fee: -0.33
Net Amount: 0.72
Note: This is the estimated fee for this transaction. It is calculated based on your account status at the time you received the payment.

Date: Aug 9, 2002 Time: 05:01:41
Status: Unclaimed
Subject: Blah,
Note: blah blah, frickin' blah blah blah.

Payment Type: Instant

this dude has been sending me 1.05 since the ninth. im acceptin! i can get somthing at burger king for lunch tomorrow!#$@!#$! you people should send me money. im poor, and in debit. feed me, not some child in a third world country :oP
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