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rock on. i might end up in a book.

i was thinking about taking photography, and talking with a photographer that i was supposed to do a shoot with since forever ago, id rather do the makeup, but he wants to shoot me. the compromise? he shoots me, and i do my makeup. er. i think itll be funny. id like to see what someones vision of me is, or something like that more like "can he take a picture of me that i wont hate. i hate just about every picture im in. i dont photograph every well. though sometimes, better than real life. the pics ive seen, of the chicks hes done (heh heh), look great. so we shall see. i think its impossible. im stoned. whoa, i dont think we talked about getting prints. i better be getting prints, yo. hrm. ill have to ask him about that next time we talk about it. were talkin about somethin else now.

oh, man. i just saw my future wife on a user icon. a few of you have her as your user icon. shes so cute. eddies cousin (where that name go?) saw her at a party. he said she wasnt so great but she had style so it made up for that. if i meet her and shes way hot, im gonna go kick him.

there was something i was planing on typing here, but i forgot. probably cause elvis has left the building.

did i just make a bunch of posts?

i want sushi.

oh, yeah. & hes gonna teach me how to work my cam, some manual thing-a-muh-jigger, and a digicam (nicer than what ive got). fun stuff.

&, &, & hes gonna let me put a baldcap on him.

i hurt myself today. maybe tomorrow ill have something to take a picture of.
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