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theres no sex in your violence

i spent 100$ at albertsons. i was on a mission. this weekend i decided not to be hungry. i wanted more sushi and cookies, so i went to the local albersons. they didnt have sushi or cookies. so i drove out to los feliz/hollywood cause i knew theyd have at least one of the two. they had both the sushi, cookies, AND vanilla coke in a 2 liter bottles. dude, wtf. the hollywood store is more special than my local one. oh well. i tried not to buy too much, cause i figured id be going there sometime during the week, after school. i also bought a 12 pack of mikes hard lemonade for 11$. 11$ for the cookies (3 things of double stuffed oreos and 2 boxes of "bakery" chocolate cookies), 10$ for the 35 piece sushi tray, 5 2 liters bottles of vanilla coke for 4$... i forget what else. min purell hand sanitizerl hand sanitizer, mennen speed stick, colgate shaving cream with aloe, makeup sponges, led pencil and erasers, mini notebook, elmers glue, toothpicks, oh, i forgot the genisoy bars (since i ate the one i bought last time i went), and mints, all for my kit. buying shit for my kit makes me feel like a mommy. i also got the arm&hammer deodorant for myself. ive never tried it. hope it works. oh yeah, i bought some more spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, and all kinds of cheese.

i need to sell some of my shit. like clothes. i have too much fuckin clothes. i never throw anything away unless i have to. so i have close from the past 10 years, still. time to hit ebay. its a shame ebay is slow these days. the other thing is, the clothes i would sell, i wouldnt epect anyone to buy. heh. everything else i want to keep, for one reason or another.

tomorrow i take japan chickie, and negbor chick to the beach. theyve never been.

i have this beautiful bruise i should have been taking pictures of. its so pretty.

i think im havin manwiches tonight. and cookies, of course. im so healthy.
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