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the shock/strut thingy wasnt broken it was the mount. thats what i said when the roadside service guy showed it to me, but he said the entire thing would have to be replaced. so got that mount fixed, found out i need 4 new tires. haaaaahaha. funk dat. i just spent 200$ on bullshit, i can drive on rims. i got another parking ticket, too. i moved the fuckin car so i wouldnt get one and i got the days mixed up. which means i didnt need go out in the rain at 4am. i was all excited about it too. "yay. the rain will wash most of the ick off my car". too bad i couldnt remember which side to park on. so now ive got 2 parking tickets to pay, and i finally paid that rolling stop ticket. fuckin aye. i should just give the city my account number and tell them to take out 100$ or so every month. anyway, lost my fuckin credit card. got a bit of cleaning done and still cant find it. if i dont find it today, im gonna have to report it stolen. cause i aint gots nooooo cash.

the worst thing about shit like this, is it pisses me off so bad cause i try so hard not to blow money. i havent even bought food in who knows how long, then i have to blow money on crap like this. so that makes me want to just blow money on the shit i want to. especially cause spending money on things i like makes me feel better. if im depressed, and i go shopping. depression goes bye bye. so for the two hours i was sitting around waiting for my car, i made up a list of all the things ive wanted to spend money on, but told myself i couldnt. theyre not even toys or clothes, theyre shit im gonna need to buy eventually. so. if my mood doesnt change by the time i have a credit card, im blowing so much money. hope to have a job by then. gotta call and tell them i can come in on monday. once i start getting paid i wont feel so bad. ill start to feel like i can breath once i get my credit card paid off. im in no hurry to pay jeff back cause its such a small amount and hes not charging me interest. hes not sweating me anyway, he knows im good for it.

oh, my mom is being a such a fuckin cunt. she does not know when to shut the fuck up. i feel like im about to snap. there isnt even a lock on this door to save her/me.

guess i gots to go. if you love me, call me. cause im gonna be fuckin bored. dont have the number? use this.
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