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sleep now, wake up early, go to work.

yes. that sounds like a plan. so once again, i have to say. work rules. i love *everyone* there. there is not one person there i dont like, in the least. plus, cute boy is either flirting with me, or *just* warming up to me. i cant tell. all i know is hes gotten playful. wait. either playful, or mean. hahaha.

so, this is how stupid i am. cute boy asks if i have a smoke. i only had one (that i was saving, in case i felt like cornering him while he was smoking). he was like, "oh, ok", but i was like, "come on, lets go smoke. ill share with you" so i get my purse and go outside. on my way out, i tell scott "lets go smoke". HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO? ARE YOU STUPID, NAOMI!?! EVIDENTLY!$#!@!@#! so scott comes out and was like, "oh, you werent talking to me" and i was like, "yeah i was. lets smoke" so we did that for a min, then cute boy said he was good and left me with the rest of the cigaret. so, yeah. im an idiot :o\ oh, we were looking at this chick "lola ferrari" and i said "my ex-boyfriend would love her". of course, cute boy says "boyfriend?". im like, "EX".

DAMN ME TO FUCKIN HELL. 1. "boyfriend" is not a word i should have ever said to or anywhere near cute boy. 2 now he knows that i dated a disgusting guy. 3. i dont have a three. $#@!@#$!$@#!$#!$
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