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NIGGA, SAY WHAT?$!?@$@?!#?

things i learnt today:

cute boy has a 1) daughter 2) girlfriend?

i am gonna fuckin cry if i find out hes got a girlfriend. ive almost decided hes good people. please let him be at least single so dont fell like a moron with a crush on a guy who is taken, or let him be stupid and/or an asshole. i dont think he has a girlfriend, but i think he and jim may have been talking about it. im not sure. i couldnt hear what they were saying, even though i was standing right there. fuckin scott was sawing fiberglass!@$#!$@!

good thing im the intern, and can stop showing up when ever i feel like it. its not like im committed. not that ill stop going, but its nice to know i can come and go as i please, since i might need a week off to cry.

i should have stayed and played with the airbrush some more, but i took off early (this is early? heh). cute boy and jason are still probably there. tomorrow i think ill stay late. i think cute boy will too. he wanted to finish that sculpture by friday, and he seemed unhappy with it when i left. im thinkin, there is noooooo wayyyyyyy he could have a girlfriend. why would he spend so much time at the shop if he did? i dont know. he did get a phone call, and for some reason i couldnt understand who jason said it was when he told him to get the phone. thats the only call ive seen him get, and it was after hours. i dont know if it was a personal call, or someone at the shop. im thinkin personal. man, im nosey. funny how everything that has to do with cute boy and a possible girlfriend gets muffled for some reason. like atmosphere is trying to protect me, or something. damnit. hes got to have a girlfriend. why wouldnt he, hes cute boy.

ahhh!$#!@#$!$!@#! just shoot me. its this not knowing shit thats driving me nuts. if i knew, then id know. i know he likes me as a friend. I JUST WANNA KNOW IF HE COULD *LIKE ME*. if not, ill stop drooling over him and find someone else to be obsessed with. $!@$#!!@$@#! i cant just ask him. how the hell am i gonna get him on the subject. also, now that he might have talked about a girlfriend in front of me, i cant really flirt. if i knew, or just didnt know, then i could, but if hes said soemthing infront of me, and i go and get all cute n shit, thatll be disrespectful and ill look like an ass. fuuuuuuuuuuckin aye.

work tomorrow. hopefully ill find out. then if he does have a girlfriend, i can grieve over the weekend and be ok by monday :oP

in other news. ive won scotts heart. hes now throwing clay at me while im working. i was sooo not in the mood (see above) so i was like, "wtf, we married now? harassing (what i meant was "annoyong" but didnt want to go that far) me n shit". jim said, "like an old married coulple". scotty is nice, but, uh... no. anyway, hes got a girlfriend and a baby. im glad he likes me (not like that!), though. hes a good guy. all those guys seem to be. i was telling jason "youve got a really good group of guys here". jason for example, made a big deal about driving me to my car. i was like, "wtf im parked right there". he was like, "ITS DARK OUT". im gonna miss them when theyre/im gone.
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