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im thankful that my mom did end up going to the store and buying beer. she even bought turkey. said it was cheaper than the sweet potatoes. i likes me some sweet potatoes, not yams.

good thing i emptied out before i started drinking, cause she didnt buy much. in case of an emergency, i have some hard lemonade from a while back sitting around. woohoo, go me.

i cant wait for the turkey to be done. i like the skin the best. that and the fact that you wanna go night night, afterwards. mmm, night night.

i worry the more i drink, the louder my singing gets, cause i cant sing worth shit. thats why i like being in my car. i can do whatever i want, and no one can hear me. hour drive? lets go!@#$!$@#!

damn, would someone feel (<--- haaahahahha) feed me, already. its gonna be hours till i can eat turkey skin.

next summer im livin at the beach. ive already got it all planned out.

would i please stop swerving.

oh, and im thankful for my creditd card. thank you for letting me spend money that i dont have at a fuckin 30% apr.

and im thankful for spell checkers. sometimes.

ive gotta pee.
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