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its "youre". you + are = you(')re. fuck, YOURE stupid.

message jag since you love him so much. are you jealous? probably are. its been a few years now. get a life. (this wasnt jp, btw. some other idiot who has be msging me forever)

anyway, it seems that i have fallen out of love with chris. he didnt make me all giggly today. all of a sudden, i dont like him at all. hes just some guy. this is so sad :o\

also, cause i know JP will be reading this: YOURE DISGUSTING. ok? just so you know. heh. talk about dirty. and stupid to top it off. there is a difference between student loans, and not being able to manage the money in your business banking account. but, hey! LETS GO ON VACATION!#!@#$!$#! im not the one getting on a plane to fly across the ocean, and blow even more money that should be going towards saving my business, am i? and i definitely am not the one who needs to fuck off. i have no pity for you. sell the bmw, HOW ABOUT THAT.

aaanyway, blah blah blah. i have to pee.

i amuse mr.g0sh till no end :oP

oh, you know what amuses me? people i dont like, who block me. there are a couple (scott and jp) who have done this. i think youre lame, wtf is the point!?! duhhh.
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