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why i decided to dig through my moms closet, i dont know

and now im all sticky. i had a basket with shampoo n stuff in there that id forgotten about and it leaked all over everything. so ive been cleaning up soap for the past 3 hours. thats a ton of fun, lemme tell ya.

so now i have to finish cleaning up this mess, find all my papers all my papers n stuff, organize what i have to keep, and fill out the ones ive been putting off.

i have to go to the bathroom, but i dont wanna get up. i will. only cause if i dont, ill eventually wet myself.

ahhhhhh. much betta. and got myself water and coffee.

tomorrow i need to stop at the grocery store before coming home. im running out of stuff. even ramen.

i just realized. i seem to have stopped pmsing, though im still waiting for the good stuff. i bet this is gonna be one of those sneaky ones. most of the time i can feel it coming. maybe ive just been pmsing for such a long time, ive gotten used to it.

i took my tongue ring out. it feel fuckin weird not having that to bang against my teeth, and not having the labret ball to spin. i was talking to elvis about labrets and he said he did the same thing with his. i havent had that sucker in for over a week now, and only one person asked me about it. then out of no where EVERYONE was like, "where did it go?". if i can ever find it ill put it back in. i thought i left it on this table.

oh, yeah. elvis said that im really motivated. i nearly died.
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