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i didnt really like colors when i was younger. i would only wear dull, dark colors mostly browns and blues. dark green sometimes. i hated red (primary). a deep dark red was ok if i was in the mood for color. now im like fuckin obsessed with colors. colors here, colors there, colors everywhere!#!@#@!#$! still love browns a blues. especially in dress n skirts. blue is probably my favorite.

ive gotta call jamie. why the hell havent i called jamie.

why arent i trying to figure out what to do with the last of my stuff. if i dont figure this out, ill wont have anywhere to sleep. this damn computer keeps distracting me. i put the away sign up thinkin thatll help, but its doesnt. i always think of something i wanna look up, and go running to google. then livejournal. then im bored and dont wanna do nothin.

im hungry and cold. i dont wanna get up to wash a pot.

i pray soooooomeone is at work when it starts up again. he was really good at encouraging me to do stuff. all the artists are. i like them guys. wish i didnt leave my clay there. maybe ill go pick it up tomorrow, if there is anyone in the office.

damnit. i have to stop eating candy instead of food just because its closer.

woohoo. its raining.
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