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damn. i just know i make a huge ass of myself last night. i went out with one of the guys from work, his girlfriend, roommate, and friends. that part was cool. i was sober for the art exhibit, but once we got back to their place, i got all stupid stoned. the only thing that might save me was the fact that everyone was just as stupid stoned. i dont know how stupid stoned, but hopefully just stupid stoned enough not to be paying attention to naomi, cause naomi doesnt know what she was talking about. anyway, i was given a maquette, and a nifty neat sculpting tool. ive been told the maquette has a curse on him. if i dont put clay on him, horrible things will happen. so i guess id better to put clay on him, or something. it seems i have a personal sculpting instructor, now. riiight on. last night was very cool.

now ive gotta call my hiedi back, cause she called while i was sleeping and told my mom not to wake me up. what a good hiedi she is. when the hell is she gonna move from vegas. or when the hell am i gonna move to vegas. nahhh. she better move her ass.

fuck. what am i gonna sculpt.

i thought i had some money in my checking account, to pay bills, and in case i needed cash. when i went to get some out, it said i had "insufficient funds". i was like "oh my god, ive been jacked." so i just checked my account online. it just turns out after i paid all of my bills, i only have 29$. haaahahahaha. that some fucked up shit, right there.
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