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smooth as glass, baby.

dude, that sam guy is straaange. im lucky to have made it out of there alive.

just kidding. hes a nice fella :oP

anyway, i have a parking ticket (fuckin street cleaners!) thats due today, but when i tried to pay it by phone, the computer said that the balance is zero. it better stay at zero, and not double.

i think ive found the shiatsu mat that i want. want, want, want. eventually.

i still havent found the cord to the electric blanket. ive also lost my belt. i had to use twine to hold my pants up.

hope some of my crap arrives today. i waaant my crap nowww. new crap, new crap.

its fuckin nice out. like, really, really, really, nice. i wanna go somewhere, but i dont know where. think i just enjoy driving.
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