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think i wanna add me some people. maybe.

which are your favorite livejournals to READ?

why (optional. just curious)?

people cant read your answers and theres no point in listing my journal :oP

so its safe to assume that you people dont read ANYONES journal, including mine? :oP

haaahahaha. elvis is trying to be mean to me.

elvis: yea i was wondering where you were
(not that i missed you or anything)

be mean, then try to send me on guilt trip. he could be my mother. wait, i guess he couldnt. shes just mean to be mean. at leas the has decent intentions.

i had this really fucked up dream where i woke and slightly opened my eyes, then got sucked back in, so what i saw when i opened my eyes transferred over to my dream, but i didnt know what it was. so im like wtf, are they bugs? and as soon as i thought that they turned in to bugs. all of a sudden they got up in my face and were makin that buzzin noise, i was like "OH FUCK. THEY CAN FLY", but they didnt do anything else. they were just starin at me or somethin. so im all freaked out and i wanted them out of my face, but i was sleeping so i couldnt get away. then i got all freaked out, cause i thought the bugs were irritated by me or something, so i started calling for my mom. only i was sleeping so i wasnt sayin shit. then finally i woke up and i was like "fuuuck that ish", so here i sit :oP
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