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oh my god

after i ate my potpie, i got sleepy. id slept for almost 12 hours, got up for like 2, and went back to sleep until now. daaaaaamnit. i was doing so well. now what the hell am i gonna do.

in my next life i hope to be a kitty cat.

this is by far the best period ive had in a looooong time. i didnt have to curl up in a little ball for a day, take pills, or use a heating pad. i didnt gush blood so uncontrollably that i couldnt leave the house. shit, i dont even have to wear a pad anymore. whats up with that ish. bet next month itll get me.

what am i gonna do right now. i dont want to clean. my books didnt arrive. i doubt i can go back to sleep. i want to be entertaaaaained. wish i had a fuckin tv.

think ill watch a knights tale. i likes chaucer. he so sexy.
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