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cant i backup my email folders?

why isnt elvis answering me?

why wont the roof of my mouth stop hurting?

why is it so damn cold?

why am i awake? i dont wanna be awake. i was sleeping a minute ago.

did i mention that i cant stand liars? i just felt like sayin that for the 1838163964 time, cause i was thinking about what i dont like about people. thats about it (3x now with the "about"s. 4x now :oP). im sure theres more, but thats probably number one. its funny, though, how most people arent bothered by lies. i just hate having to sift through shit. its the worst. trust is my friend.

i should clean. or make sure ive done everything i needed for school so i can get my stuff. gotta get at least 3 letters of recommendation :o\

oh. this was funny:

jag: dude, i'm not really going to the stripper thing
jag: i was just talking
jag: =\
xangelicdestinyx: uh huh
jag: serious
jag: you've known me forever, you know i'm not that kind of asshole =\
xangelicdestinyx: uh huh
jag: yuh huh
jag: entirely different kind of asshole =\


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