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i dont seem to be getting worse. though, james didnt seem so bad for a few days, either, then he was a mess. i get way more rest than he does, and my body was born fighting, so im hoping it wont take over. my nose is only a little runny, and my throat hurts a bit. yesterday i was achy, but that seems to have passed. i can put my hair up now without wanting to cry. i neeeeever get sick :o\ sick is the worst. i dont even mind dying, its the suffering beforehand that would suck. if i got cancer, or something like that, i think id only live until i got really sick. then id be like "fuuuuuuck this. bbye." sick is worse than pain. hate sick.

anyway, now im bored. been bored, but now im super-duper bored, and wide awake cause i took a nap. today we were supposed to sleep in, but nooooooo. nooooooooooo. nooooooooooooooooo. so i took a nap once i got home. think i hate the people he works for :oP

my little heater is rockin. i dont have my jacket on for once. thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuu (for the 1231242th time :oP)!$#!@$#!!@$!

i have soooooo maaaaany papers. think im gonna throw most of them away. i like to keep shit, cause im like "ya never knowww". but fuck this. enough is enough. too many papers!$#!@$#!@!

then i have to read. too much reading to do. its good readin, though. just wish there was less of it. im never gonna be able to retain all this fuckin info!$!@$!@#!

there is lint from my dress stuck to me (you dont wanna know where. uh huh). i hate this dress. of course, it would be one james likes, so im sure ill end up wearing it again.

i need to dye my hair. cut and dye. dye now, cut later.

love this damn heater. ive never had a heater before. ive been missin out on heat, damit. no, wait. had one when i lived with jag, but that heater was gay. on and off, on and off. i wanted the bitch to stay on.

OLD PICTURE(s), NEW ICON(s)!#$@!$@#!
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