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man, its fuckin cold. weird, how it didnt seem so cold at 2am, but now im freezin my ass off.

elvis goes bye bye in a week. damn him. the letter of recommendation "and praise" he wrote for me is amusing. hes a funny guy, thats for sure.

man, this place is a mess. i had to tear it up. first, cause i couldnt find my phone, it was getting late, and i needed to call yvette. which i never did find, but got the number thanks to erik. then, cause i lost my moms change from when i went grocery shopping. she was goin off. theeeeen, because i was on my way out the door and lost the keys to my car. so, yeah. i made a big mess.

fuck, i want to nap so bad. but ive got shit to do. shit to do, shit to dooo.

wonder if jerry wrote my letter, yet. he said i could pick it up whenever, but i dont think its been written, cause he keeps askin me what it should say. id better get it before i go and piss him off again. hes easy to irritate, and im reaaaaally good at that sort of stuff :oP im surprised these fools even agreed to write a letter for me. i didnt ask for a while, cause theyre so busy, but they rule.
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