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you do know that i was joking about drugs, oral sex, and jp, right? jeeeeeez

anyway. i called my shrink from like 8 years ago, last night. shes sooooo cool. loooove her. shes helpin me out with some stuff. shes great. were gonna go drinkin soooooon. *teehee*. its funny, cause i forget so much. she was asking me about shit, and i was and i was like "hoooly moooly. i forgot about thaaat". she thinks im protected. i sure as hell hope so :oP i might go visit her after she her done seeing her shaman. i want to see a shaman!#$@!#$!

so, i was thinking, and i think i figured out my place. what im supposed to be doing. even where i should move next. so, now that thats all figured out, i just have to do it.

im hungry, for the first fuckin time since monday. thank god. i thought i was gonna die, or somethin.

money, money, money. so many things i waaaaant. then theres the crap i neeeeeed. blah.

i need to do laundry. ive totally run out of pants, n stuff.

and clean up a bit. itll make me feel betta.

i cant wait till next week.
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