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holy moly

my mom just let me use her creditcard. so in a week i should receive a package from amazon. oh, yes. the crappy thing is, when i looked at my shopping cart i saw this other thing i had added a while back cause i want it baaadly, but its 99$. which isnt bad, because its usually 125$. must be on sale. only, i cant afford it, and i knowww my mom would kill me if i charged that, as well. i just know by the time i can afford it, its gonna be 125$ again, and that drives me crazy. dont wanna spend no 125$ on it. i want it for 99$!$#@!#$ :o\ i also bid on a new battery for my camera. i hope no one else bids, cause i aint gots the money to be blowin. but, i neeeed a battery to take pictures of crap i wanna try to sell. so i figure itll pay for its self once i get rid of some more shit. damn, all those over drawn fees. i would have more cash if i didnt get fucked on those. ok, thats not true. i still havent paid my creditcard bill, so it would have gone towards paying that. but thats just gonna have to wait, cause i wont have the money for that for a whiiiile. at least i have money for my car insurance, and my license. those are the major things. everything else can wait.

oh, i finally made a path to get to the door. didnt really clean much, cause it seems like i cant. just too much crap. theres nowhere to put anything. at least i can walk to the door now. guess ill just sort through stuff, so i have a better idea of where things are next time i need to find something.

i should hunt down collin so i can get all that stuff over with. gotta find glen too.

i wonder what id complain about if i had money :oP
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