angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

seems like i always wait a day to post about anything that has to do with soctt. okay, here goes... ummm, evidently hes known all along that ive had a crush on him. let me try and give the run down... we were chatting online cause he was sad about his ex hooking up with some dude and he was telling me about his new girlfriend the �lesbian? and how shes sooo perdy n stuff... haha, my friend leah kept getting messages from me saying "hes killing me" or something like that cause my journal was down and i didnt have anywhere to vent :'o( poor girl, she wasent even online :o\ lol, oh well. anyway, so that when on for a while then he decides that shes gonna break his heart and and he should hang out with me to help keep his mind off of it, i guess he wanted to talk or something but i didnt know how i would handle hours and hours of him talking about these girls... its hard enough talking to him online and on the phone cause hes always talking about some girl!!! anyway, i couldnt deal and since it seems the only time he wants to be my friend is when hes lonely, i wasent about to fake it. so he was like "okay, thats fine... another time like maybe tomorrow or something" so then i was like "no, now is not the greatest time" then he started saying that i was hurting his feelings cause i wouldnt explain, and when on to ask "you see things? you see things? hear things? someone hit you? you strung out?" i said no, so then he came to this conclusion "So you are going into a deep panic again... agoraphobia..." so i said "naw, dont worry your pretty little head over nothin"... to make a l o n g story a little bit shorter, i told him that i just needed balls, that i hide too much and that prevents me from going after things i want. well, thats all he need to figure out what was going on in my silly little head... "so if you liked me you would not have courage to say it?" i said "possibly" then he went on and on about how he had a crush on me from day one and all this other BS to make me feel better THEN he decides hes gonna turn it around on ME by saying shit like "not that is matters you wouldn't want me in your life anyhow." WTF??? oh well, not like any of it matters... hes dating a �lesbian? :o\

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