angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

Where Good Girls go to Die (London After Midnight)

Step into this picture- release all your light- I think God has gone mad here tonight- You can't believe your eyes, control is so hard to keep- obsession can be hell from which you'll never be free- It's all for the taking, here tonight Where good girls go to die- that's where I'll be- Waiting for my love with my heart on my sleeve- Forget about the future- forget about the past. My heart beats so, my hands are cold- please God make this moment last- You seek to fill me- with virtues I lack- I'll turn your pure white wings to pure black. You've pushed too far and now you've lost control can't you see- You thought you were the master but you're down on your knees. It's all for the taking, here tonight- Where good girls go to die that's where I'll be, remembering our love as if it were a disease. Forget about the future- it wasn't meant to last- My heart beats slow my hands are cold- Oh God it's the end at last

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