angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

since i let everyone know about my retarded nipple i thought id share some more...

i have an outie
my hair needs help
i used to bleach all of my hair blonde
i have strong nails
ive had my tongue pierced twice
ive never had a tooth pulled
ive never had a cavity
ive never had my tonsils out
ive never had the chicken pocks, measles, mumps or any of that other crap youre supposed to get when youre a kid
i was born three months early
they had to stick tubes in my stomach cause i wasent eating
i had to stay in the incubator for a month
ive never broken a bone
ive never had a surgery (except for the tubes they stuck in my stomach when i was born)
my mom kicked me out alot since jr. high school
ive been in counseling almost my whole life (im not anymore)
at one point i had some type of counseling five days a week, two of those five days i had counseling twice
in counseling i never really talked about much, mostly about boys :o)
when ever i was having problems they would always say shit like "youre a fighter" or "youre like a cat, you always land on your feet"
most of my favorite teachers and counselors are now kinda like my friends. i still talk to them here and there, and hang out with the ones that arent too far away about once every blue moon
no, ive never needed meds
no, ive never been put in the looney bin
no, im not as looney toons as you all might think
i rarely date
ive never really had a boyfriend
i ditched school alot and if i did decide to show up it was always around lunch time
i cant spell or type worth shit
i dont know how i ever graduated high school
i smoke on and off (off more than on)
i used to live in a light blue pinto
i have lots of scars
i wish i was a spoiled brat
i wish i didnt have to live where i live
i wish i had a car
i wish i had a life
i wish i had a better computer


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