angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

now that last post reminds me to tell a story about leor :o)

i hated leor when i first met him. he was always staring at me, it drove me nuts!!! anyway, one time we were sitting at a table and i think he was eating... well, someone was eating... leor was sitting there staring again, and i just wasnt in the mood to fuck with him so i got up picked up a thing of milk and threw it at him :o)

thats pretty much the milk story. theres more to the story then just that but pretty much thats what happened that day. after that he tried to behave himself around me, which is good cause shortly after that i decided to be nice to him and try to figure out why he was so strange, we became pretty good friends. hes not as dumb as he looks ;o) hes been in a few tv shows and movies, hes a pretty good magician and he once he starts to behave himself he can be a really sweet guy. i feel bad though once he ran up his phone bill to $300 calling me (hes a local toll call), and thats not counting the times he would call me when he was in israel. i still go off on him at times but he knows hes my strange little perverted friend :o)

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