angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

i think i woke up around 12 or 1 which is kinda early for me :o) tomorrow im gonna shoot for 8 or something. i think ill make it to the store today cause i just ate my last thing if ramen that i had been saving so now im out of everything, i have nothing but coffee :o\ okay, so the plan is... go to the store buy as much food as you can carry home then eat :o) once im done with that go to the liquor store, get the paper and maybe some water... come back home. check my vmail, call whoever back and ummm maybe eat again. then nap? NO!!! i have to wake up early to get a life and a job or at least a job... ooo i should buy some sleeping pills just incase i dont get sleepy tonight. if i get a job tomorrow i will have to buy myself a gift and take myself to dinner which works out PERFECT cause i could buy myself something at frys then get chinese food or something next door :oD

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