angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

okay, so i havent figured out my evoice number yet :o\ i signed up for it a while back when i got a flyer in the mail to keep in touch with everyone since im so lazy about email and evidently im lazy about vmail too cause i never used it :o\ i sent apriljoy vmail to see if it would tell her my account number, but it didnt just the handle. she says it will send you email with the voice message n stuff but i dont remember what email address i signed up with... IM AM SUCH A RETARD!!! :o\ i know its an easy number... like a bunch of my pager codes put together but i dont remember which ones or in what order... oh well. well maybe i will just sit here and try them all to see if i can find it or something :o) but i can still send vmail from it though so i guess ill get off my ass and do that today cause 'N ReaLiTy gave me his vmail number a few days ago and i STILL havent gotten around to sending him a message... SHAME ON ME :o\

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