angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

her: i'm so bored. i could go out with this guy tonight, but i don't really want to.
me: well you could have taken the train out here but you didnt want to
her: the train sucks though
me: oh well
her: besides, i'm totally fucking poor.
me: oh yeah but you have $700 to visit that dude
her: i haven't bought the ticket yet.
me: well then you have $700 to bring your ass down here but no cause your fuckin lame
her: i guess i am kinda lame.
me: kinda isnt the fuckin word...WORD??? WORD!!!
her: dude, calm down. you're gonna have a heat stroke or something.
me: its not like i have anything better to do
her: i don't either. well, i could go out with this guy tonight, but i'm not really in the mood.

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