angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

responding to a comment to a previous entry...

for the record I DONT GIVE HEAD :o) im not saying i wont but im not even dating anyone and ive never really had a boyfriend so i never have :o) i already have my tongue pierced, i gotten it done twice. ive had it for a loooooooooong time now. okay now time for the story... i didnt didnt plan on getting my tongue pierced everyone i knew had one and i thought they were all insane for letting someone do that to them. everyone begged me to get mine done with them. people would even offer to pay for it but i always said no. so what happened with me is this... if i say im gonna do something and someone remembers and calls me on it, i do it. me my friends were driving somewhere and one said "i really want to watch someone get their tongue pierced" and i said (jokingly cause her cousin was one of the ones who had been trying to convince me to get it done) "you can watch when i get mine done" and next thing you know we were at the studio and the guy who did the piercing was drop dead gorgeous so i stopped arguing with them and stared at him for a while and my friend told him what was going on and and he told me to sit and i was like "anything you say" (hehe just kidding) i still didnt think i was gonna do it but i think i was drunk from staring at this beautiful man and next thing you know it was done... no tears, no drool, nothing. so i was like that wasent so bad then i took it out cause i thought he did it wrong and figured what the hell it didnt hurt so lets get it done again. so i went to some other dude and said the reason it looked the way it did was cause i have a vein or artery in the way thats why mine didnt look the way it did on everyone else. anyway, on the bottom of my tongue its kinda crooked so ive always wanted to get another one to match it but going the opposite direction, thats why i want to get it done for the third time :o) and as for the labret its hard to explain i guess i just like the way it looks and i think it would help cover a part of my face that i dont like too much :o)

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