angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

oh yeah, and robert is the one who took me to get my tongue pierced the second time. when i came out i was like "damn it hurt that time" and he said "shut up and take it like a women" so i kicked him and stole his cigarets :o) now that reminds me of another time we were play fighting in his room and i put all his clothes on to piss him off (even his work clothes) and as we were fighting i dont know how i pulled this one off but somehow i hit him in the nuts and he flew against the wall holding his nuts. i freaked out cause i thought he was gonna kill me, but he didnt :o) when we got back to school that day i asked him if he still loved me... he wouldnt answer :o\ he wouldnt give me a hug either :'o( okay, yeah he did but i had to beg for it :o\

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