angelicdestiny (angelicdestiny) wrote,

fuck im gonna be sore tomorrow, shit im sore right now. i got buzzed and made an ass of myself the whole night, it was great :o) we danced all over some naked dude on one of those box thingys and got all hot and sweaty :o) my head hurts :o\ ooo we almost got in a fight while we were in line to get into the club but the big security dude came and told everyone to stop :o) some really ugly chick told my friend to shut up, then my friend got all crazy with her then i had to stand in between them but they kept talking shit i told everyone to shut up but they wouldnt listen :o\ thats when the big security dude came and saved the day :o) oh, then on our way home we went to some dudes house and i swear to god he whacked off while we were there and he even licked the cum off his hand when he was done. i am not even kidding, he did this while i was on the phone talking to some phone freak that i dont get along with. i think everyone else just watched him or something. IT WAS NASTY!!! im never going there again. i want to get drunk again!!! it really helped with my antisocial behavior. if i would have been sober i never would have danced on that dude but because i was drunk i didnt feak out and tell him to get the fuck away from me. that dude had both me and my friend at one point... woohoo ;o) ummm, i think thats about it. we had fun and i learned i need to drink more often ;o) I PROMISE NOT TO BECOME A DRUNK :o)

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