June 12th, 2000


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jag talks, and talks, and talks sooo much... he doesnt even care if youre paying attention. he was chatting with me and he wasnt even online, but did he notice??? well, okay he did after a while but its still really funny how he can go on and on, i could have died and he wouldnt even have noticed :o/

oral sex

jag: the trick to it is, just in case you'e having to give oral sex to a girl for a long time
jag: you need to vary your tongue movements, or she'll get bored, i normally write sentances with my tongue
jag: i'll let myself have a conversation with my head, and i'll spell it out letter by letter with my tongue
jag: keeps me from getting bored too
jag: that was a really random bit of information there

lol :o)


jag: plus, since you're posting, and i wouldn't want people doing a bad job..
jag: you want your middle or index finger, pressing the gspot, while you're licking the clitoral region
jag: its important to be able to do it well

rule #1

there will be no talking shit in my journal unless its from, to or about me!!! everyone else has to play nice with eachother :o)

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jag: y'know how aol markets by letting people think they'll meet attractive/intelligent people on the internet, and then all they end up meeting are more retards like themselves. you're the girl implied by the marketing scheme.

if he thinks hes gonna get some hes nuts :o)

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oh my god!!! there were 3 people on my buddy list 2 of which i did not want to instant message... what did i do??? sent the wrong one a message :o/ its just a good thing i didnt click on the screen name of the guy i dated last summer cause that would have been bad!!!

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Michael: so what is your real name?
angelicdestiny: bob
angelicdestiny: dude
angelicdestiny: you still think im a chick???
Michael: ???
Michael: what?
Michael: yeah
angelicdestiny: thats funny
Michael: yes, your funny too
angelicdestiny: me?
angelicdestiny: why is that?
Michael: yeah, you
Michael: cuz your fuckin with me
angelicdestiny: no youre fuckin with yourself
angelicdestiny i told you who i am
Michael: your the same one as **********
angelicdestiny: **********
angelicdestiny: yeah
angelicdestiny: buts thats just so i could chat with guys
Michael: yeah.....bull shit
angelicdestiny: ok buddy
Michael: nah, I know it's bullshit
angelicdestiny: okay
angelicdestiny: whatever you say
Michael: chill, I know your good with fucking with peoples head, but there is nothing you could do to convince me
angelicdestiny wants to directly connect.
Michael is now directly connected.
angelicdestiny: *insert picture of jags dick*
Michael: okay, so....that's not you
angelicdestiny: dude my name is robert
Michael: nah
angelicdestiny: okay
angelicdestiny: anyway
Michael: you can prove it, get on your web cam right now
angelicdestiny: i dont have one
angelicdestiny: that chick in the pics does though
Michael: I know you do, it's on your page, I'm at the site for it right now
angelicdestiny: thats hers
Michael: the site is under your IM name
angelicdestiny: i know
angelicdestiny: she must not have aim
Michael: brb
angelicdestiny: ok
Michael: whatever...I still don't believe you
angelicdestiny: okay?
angelicdestiny: will you still lick me?
Michael: okay what?
Michael: not if your a guy
Michael: but your not a guy
Michael: so the end
angelicdestiny: why wont you lick me?
Michael: because.....I don't like doge neons, country music, or dicks that ain't my own
Michael: eitehr way, who ever that was got a pretty punk rock piercing...I almost got that one
angelicdestiny: have you ever tried to suck your own dick?
Michael: nah........I've always had enough girls to do if for me
angelicdestiny: you think you could if you tried?
Michael: probably not...even if I could I wouldn't be able to shake the idea that a dick was in my mouth
Michael: look, either way, this conversation is very boring now.......if your a guy, your dull. that is that. if your a girl, your clever. that is it.
angelicdestiny: ever tasted your own jiz?
Michael: this is weak.
Michael: your saying you do alllll this shit to talk to guys, and for what, to come out and for this shit? that's weak
angelicdestiny: no
angelicdestiny: knowing that guys think im a chick turns me on
angelicdestiny: i jerk off while chatting
Michael: well, whatever. more power to you. then why did you tell me if it turns you on so damn much
angelicdestiny: i dont know
angelicdestiny: it was a bad idea
angelicdestiny: i thought you went both ways
angelicdestiny: you look like you do
Michael: did I ever mention anything like that? well that's a fagy pic, I'll admit that. that's why I never liked it
angelicdestiny: yeah but it turns me on
angelicdestiny: you are very sexy
angelicdestiny: i bet you have a nice tight ass
Michael: well, you know what.....even though I'm not gay, I can take that as a complement. but that doesn't mean jack shit for you
Michael: dude, or whatever....I'll chat with you later

(no subject)

Michael: well, I still haven't decided what to think
angelicdestiny: haha
Michael: you caught me at a bad time last night
angelicdestiny: awyea
Michael: yep....
angelicdestiny: i scared the shit out of you!!!
Michael: beeooocaaatttccchhhhheeeeee
angelicdestiny: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael: well, depends, you a girl now?
Michael: :-)
angelicdestiny: lol
Michael: well...okay........first off, let me think
angelicdestiny: ?
Michael: okay.......well.......hmm
angelicdestiny: ?
Michael: okay, I guess....I forgive you
Michael: I have to give you credit. that was pretty cool. normaly I would be pissed. but I can't be, not at you
angelicdestiny: :-D
Michael: bitch
Michael: *HUG*
angelicdestiny: *BIGGER HUG*
Michael: I'm one of the most stubbourn peopele in the world, I have to really think your chill to forgive you
angelicdestiny: neat :-)
Michael: :-) :-) :-)

(no subject)

angelicdestiny: im not a slut like you
Michael: nope
Michael: I'm super slut!
Michael: I have a cape
angelicdestiny: im sure you do
Michael: yep...and that's all I wear...and a top hat
angelicdestiny: ummm
angelicdestiny: sexy
Michael: oh yeah
Michael wants to directly connect.
Michael is now directly connected.
angelicdestiny: LOL
angelicdestiny: :-D