August 9th, 2000


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this is the email that brought that on...

Just for your information and to satisfy my own pervy curiosity I retreated
to the comfort of my hotel room after speaking to you about sucking cock
and after a few limbering up exercises proceeded to attempt the manouver,
strictly for research purposes of course.
Now it must first be said that I measured my cock before hand to help
dispell the 'small cock' excuse - a very healthy 7.5 - 8 inches. At least
that made me a happy man.
I tried to get my mouth round the end of it, even just to get my tongue to
touch it: sitting down, rolling on the floor, knees over my head, standing
up, splits.....all to no avail I'm afraid. My back just isn't that
flexible, maybe I'm getting too old for that kind of thing - if only I'd
tried when I was a teenager things might have turned out differently, who
So there you have it, I CAN'T SUCK MY OWN COCK, FUCKER!
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damn, its really hot in this room :o( i think is because i havent turned the monitor off since the last time i woke up :o\
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