August 22nd, 2000


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anybody remember scott?


I would take you in my arms and hold you if allowed...
Keep you for a wife and show the world, that I am proud...
Honor you, and honor my vow.

I would love you and cherish you each and every way...
Give my self and my love until my dying day.

Let it be our hearts be intertwined I pray... our passion and love remain ageless... let my love for you feed the fire of this our chance. Let these words feed the fires of our romance.

I would let you feel my love... pour it out like river flow...
I would give my all and shower you with prose.

I would kiss you softly with my sugar'd lips...
Then hold you in my arms, and we'd watch the waves then kiss.

Let it be our hearts be intertwined in dance... Like waves in the ocean... let my love for you feed the fires of our romance. Let me prove to you my devotion.

You would never feel a day of want...
I would let you keep me, and I'd keep you as my only love, prized.
I'd allow you to see the truth with every gaze upon my eyes.

Let it be our bodies intertwined by chance... And hand and lips lock like clasps... let my love for you feed our broken and dying hearts. Reserect that subtle spark.

I'd open up like a rose, and let you see the real me cry...
but... I'd consume you with tears of love this time.

Please, with each and every falling tear... I beg you, please hear!
I'd let you inside this broken hearted child.

Now let your feelings elevate us so together we might fly with angel wings...
Accept me my Angelic Destiny...
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id make him beg for forgiveness, but we already know he sucks at that :o\

jag: are you upset ? i'm sorry.. i feel weird writing that kinda shit about you
jag: maybe i shouldn't have.. its just a joke, but still
jag: yeah you are =\
jag: sorrry
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OMG THAT SCARED THE FUCKIN SHIT OUT OF ME!!! i was on the laptop and the blue screen of death came up telling me to press any key to continue, so i did, but it wouldnt let me so i hit ctrl+alt+delete and when the computer was rebooting it said "operating system not found" i was like HOLY SHIT THIS ISNT EVEN MY COMPUTER so i hit ctrl+alt+delete again and the same thing happened. so then i just pushed the button to turn the thing off then turned it back on and it LOOKS LIKE IT FOUND WINDOWS THIS TIME!!! fuckin asshole computer. i think its mad at me cause i installed internet explorer 5.5 :o\
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