September 4th, 2000


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Envision Yourself . . .

So, what does all this mean? Well, the desert represents all of the hardships in your life. Those times when things are not just not running smoothly. The order in which you left the animals behind represents the way you prioritize the major things in your life during these tough situations.

According to traditional Japanese beliefs, the animals represent:

1. Sheep = Friendship
2. Monkey = Your Children
3. Lion = Pride
4. Cow = Basic Needs
5. Horse = Your Passion

So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things in the order you left them behind. The remaining animal represents the thing which you cling to at the expense of all others.


this is the way i saw that test...

1. do i need a fuckin sheep? at least the monkey can ride on the horse with me.
2. sorry, the monkey had to go cause i might need the loin to protect me or something.
3. k, the lion had to go cause i figured id be on the horse anyway so id rather take my chances than die cause i didnt have anything to drink.
4. the cow had to go since i was almost there and %110 too lazy to walk the rest of the way.
5. i like horses :o)

but, if i were to think of it the way they did it would have been...

1. my passion
2 .pride
3. basic needs or friendship (depending on who it was)
4. see #3
5. my children
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my bedroom is a mess. i should clean it up a bit, but i feel like if i got in my bed RIGHT NOW it would feel REALLY GOOD, which means ill probably pass out :o) i havent eaten today :o( im not hungry though. i think i drank WAY too much soda, so i feel like ive already eaten :o\ i should eat something though... ramen? yuck :o\ hmmm, go to the store? tomorrow. ok, so BED IT IS :oD
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ok, i ate anyway. so now im full :o) i could really go for some rain and a nap right about now :o\ OOO, I WANNA GO TO THE BEACH!!! stupid beach :o\ YOU HAD TO GO AND BE ALL FAR AWAY N STUFF, DIDNT YOU? >:o( next time i see you im gonna have to KICK YO MOTHERFUCKINASS!!! thats right, you heard me fucker. DOES IT LOOK LIKE IM PLAYING WITH YOUR DIRY WATER LOOKIN ASS? >:o| DOES IT??? yeah, didnt think so >:o(
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angelicdestiny: i went pee
angelicdestiny: ARE YOU PROUD?
jag: YES
angelicdestiny: most of it
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well, since ill be up for a few ...

so... the dream started with me going to get my mail at night and there being two guys at the gate trying to get in. they were looking for this dude jack who evidently lived in this building and worked and at a liquorstore or something down the street. anyway, jack wasent home or wouldnt let them in so they were standing at the gate yelling.

(dont remember what happened)

now theyre in the gates (i think there are more of them now), going all psycho, yelling at people and shooting at stuff. for some reason they wanted my keys so i was like FUCK YOU and threw them somewhere. that pissed them of so one of the dudes grabbed me and decided he just might enjoy cutting me up.

(dont remember what happened)

i think that guy sill has me. all i remember now is that im just standing there being really quiet .

i dont know if this was the guy they were looking for in the first place, but now theyve got ahold of a family. a mother, father, son daughter and a dog. mother and father in the back, kids below their parents and the dog below the kids. kinda like a family portrait. i dont remember if anything was being said, but they didnt look too happy. it looked like everyone in the family was crying, even the father. one of the guys gave the father a gun and told him that there was only enough bullets to kill his family quickly by just shooting them each in the head or something or he could chose not to and the guys would just do it their way, but either way they were gonna have their way with him. so instead of using the gun on his family so they wouldnt have to suffer he chose to use the gun on himself. the guys had their way with his family (i couldnt "see" what they were doing to his family, but i knew what kinds of horrible things we taking place).

now its daytime i dont know where i am or what happened to me, but that guys family is dead, even the dog AND I WOKE UP REALLY PISSED OFF AT THAT FUCKIN COWARD.

the end.
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