February 2nd, 2001



Top Ten Incorrect Support Answers!
9. "Man...that has been asked so many times...PLUEEEZZZZZZZZ.... OK, one more time!!!"
8. "Too bad, only paid accounts can do that!"
7. "I don't see anything wrong, it must be YOUR using AOL!"
6. "Netscape sucks...be a drone and use IE. (smart people use Mozzilla!!)"
5. "We answered your question NOW close this case please!!!"
4. "That is a bug. I have been telling them about this, they're SUPPOSE to be working on it???!!!!" WTF, c'mon dude fix it!
3. "Well my friend Becky said, and SHE *knows* HTML ummmm...cause her Dad works at Motorola!!!, that it is something wrong with your computer network and it doesn't have anything to do with LiveJournal. LIVEJOURNAL ROCKS!"
2. Your jornal is messed up. I dunno WTF is wrong wid it. I think maybe it could be the style configgration or maybe sumtin else. Maybe sumone else can lok at the server code and fix it.
1. "Email Brad, he'll fix it and get back to you. He's cool!"
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