March 3rd, 2001



ran around looking for a new keyboard for this computer and brad "returned some shit", bought a sound card and looked for some memory.
ate lunch at red robin (he *liiikes* that red robin).
jag asked brad to visit him at work so he could show him stuff.
brad dragged me along by my hair ;o)
said goodnight to brad.
fought with jag instead of going roller skating like i had been promised for over a week.
(you dont wanna know what was said)
jag made the rest of the food we ate the night before.
went to sleep.

jag is in the bathroom (has been for a while).
then hes off to do whatever.
i will most likely ebay.

happy saturday everyone.

oh wait. brad just came on! looks like i might go roler skating with him and his girlfriend (blythe).
THEY RULE!@#$!#!$@!#!
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went skating. brad fell twice (i only saw the second fall). i had fun. THANKS GUYS :o) i was thinking about going over to their friend chucks house with them, but jag says he wants to come home and talk about "stuff". so im gonna stay here. i hope to do some grocery shopping tonight cause im starving!
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