March 16th, 2001



jag was gonna go to his parents house tonight. he rescheduled, then told me hed come home early... its 9:43pm. oh well. im gonna take my pill and go to bed. goodnight.
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before i forget... thank you :oD brad rules :o)

today is/was their anniversary!



jags pissy now cause im not gonna wait up for him. i told him to play on the computer if gets bored (which is what he does every time he comes home no matter how many times i ask him to do something that can include naomi since he *has* to use mine, instead of any of the four other computers in this room), but of course, this time he doesnt want to. so hes gonna stay at work till he decides he wants to come home. im gonna make something to eat, since i was waiting for him. then im going to bed.
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