June 28th, 2001


im about to go peeeeee

when jag came home i went out to watch him some a cigar and it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. he looked like a retard. you know how kiefer sutherland looks in the movie freeway after he gets shot in the head? thats what jag looks like smoking a cigar. i couldnt watch anymore, it was sooo jacked up and the stank is a whole nother story. he slept alone. fuck that shit. anyhow, hes on his way home so i better try to clean up a bit. bye bye.

oh, all those ecrush type sites are evil. ive been getting a shitload of them in my email lately, like i need anymore crap in my mail. if you ever think of sending one to me IM TELLING YOU NOW i just delete it. and jag, no, i am not the one who has a crush on you so stop putting in my email address. ok, thanks. bbye.

oh, man. sstar just told me something fuuucked up. COME LIVE WITH ME HOE AND YOU WONT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT ISH, ok? hahahaha. juuust kidding :oP but i say you raise some hell cause that shit is retarded :o\
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