September 13th, 2001


things i need to get done.

i am so slow, damnit :o\

get some boxes and packing tape.
have all my mail (what mail?) forwarded to california.
clean off my hard drive and make some disks. then send this thing to california.
finish laundry? i thought i did!
finish up the last of the packing.
make sure all my flight info n stuff is in order and that i have everything i need on me.
go to the airport, get on a plane and land safely?(!)

then ill be done with most of the lame stuff. i think everything will run smoothly once i get there, but i wont know for sure until then.

i been feeling so sick lately. id think jag was poisoning me for leaving if i didnt see him eat the same shit i eat sometimes.

oh shit.

im talking about this as if you people know whats going on. well most people who can see my "friends" only entries do, even though i havent made an official post about it. hahaha.

im not with jag anymore. as of... um. i dont know... 2-3 weeks ago?

i know, i know. you saw that coming. who didnt? i just cant belive it took me this long to get off my ass and go. i guess i wasnt wanting to give up on the whole thing so id let him talk me into staying every time. huge mistake on my part. anyhow, hes finally gonna do what ive been telling him he should do this whole damn time. go home, and go to school. before he didnt want to because he thought he was so badass, but since he lost his job hes been scared of not being able to find a new one and not being able to keep it even if he did. plus the lease on this apartment is up, so its the *perfect* time to pack up and do home. that is what were doin. well, i am at least. jags just sitting around pretty much. except for the past few days hes starting to do what he needs to, to get back in school.

sooo... thats, that.

i cant wait to get back. i just wish i were healthier. i have a feeling im gonna be really busy and i dont know if my body can handle it. ill probably end up falling asleep anytime i sit down for more than 5 minutes. i wonder if i still have my pager. that was always useful for waking me up on the bus or anywhere thats not "home". oy. i need exercise!#@!$@!$@! i want to start eating healthy too. it will be so good to get away from jag and his cigarets. what else... i want to start waking up real early even if i dont have to so i can be in bed by a normal time, like normal people. no more internet all the time.

so right now i guess ill finish getting rid of things that will remind jag of me. fix his journal so its back to the way it was before he met me, event hough he doesnt use it for anything other than to comment in everyones journal.

everything has been dragging. im so slow about doing all this shit. its because i havent set a flight date yet so im not in a hurry. i should probably call that in. oh well. im gonna go finish getting my shit together. byebye.

oh, and for those of you on my friends list... LOG IN. ive been feeling the need to make most of my posts "friends" only lately. i dont know why, cause i hate doing that. ill probably unlock them later because i hate having the posts all mixed up. im not every private with my stuff anyhow. its not like i have anything to hide. if i do keep them locked ill probably just stick em somewhere else. maybe. im pretty sure im too lazy to bother doing all that.
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