September 14th, 2001


my god, people.

i made a post at, what. 4am? took it down (hid) at 8am with 7 comments@#$@%$#@ what the hell is everyone doing up so early? i thought you people went to sleep every once an a while :oP anyhow, today has been good and bad. there is a post office real close to my house and i didnt even know it. i got on bus going the wrong way the first time because the lady didnt know if it was on her route. then i got off walked back to the transit center and got on the right bus. it took me only a few blocks, and i was there. so i was like FUCKIN SHIT :o\ i walked a full circle around downtown bellevue for nothin!#@!#$@! then i went to the store for packing stuff and some food. i got home and realized my credit card payment was due. i didnt think i used it last month, but i did at rockbottom one night when we didnt have jags card. i made it to the bank like 3 minutes before they closed. then i had to get money out of the atm and they locked me out and i was like "OH NO!#@$!$#@!" but i knocked and some chick let me in so i could pay it before it was too late. whew. then what. ummm. nothing. i ate, and thats about it. i called to book my flight, but the lady was having problems. so ill do that later. im tired. i think ill nap. ooo, i set an alarm and woke up at 12:30. THATS EARLY FOR ME!#$@!$ so i did good today. its fuckin california out there. damn hot. ill take another shower, maybe, before bed.
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